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Visiting Old Westbury with the Wells


Old Westbury Real Estate Beautiful English Manor of Yesteryear.


Ready for lunch in the garden hosted by Dr. Scott Wells and his lovely wife Interior Designer Kathy Wells.

Olde Westbury Real Estate Beautiful English Manor. Mansions of Yesteryear.

Visiting Old WESTBURY with The Wells.

If you never been to Old Westbury NY your in for a real treat if you know the right people.

We went to visit and stayed the weekend with Dr. Scott and Kathy Wells who are quite the quintessential Old Westbury couple. Dr. Scott Wells a Plastic Surgeon and great host along with his lovely wife Kathy who is an amazing Interior Designer, that has her signature on all of her work. Being a former Interior Designer, I would say she is definitely present with her work and it shows throughout their English Manor. Which is so meticulously done with attention to every detail. They have three sons who are so different from one another and a delight to be around. Especially Mr. Spencer who I personally found, very charming and engaging with a great personality. Of course with these essential ingredients Spencer, will surely have a amazing future ahead of him. The hospitality of this family is one to be reckoned with Scott cooking breakfast for 10 and lunch for 10 like a chef in their English country style kitchen bringing you gourmet teas in the morning and then to dinner in little adorable satchels just because he knows you enjoyed it the first time he served it to you was extremely thoughtful. Scott, thank you!

Old Westbury gives you the feeling that this is where the wealth of Manhattan has decided to lay their hats down after the hustle bustle and daily grind of city life. The streets are lined with beautiful well manicured mansions of yesteryear, luxury cars are everywhere and of course an amazing place to shop for the ladies of Old Westbury. The Americana where you find all of our friends such as Gucci, Louis, Prada, Chanel and Dior need I say more. The restaurants are just as wonderful. First night Dr. Scott and Kathy Wells took us to dinner at a interesting steak house completely packed out called Bryant and Cooper located in Roslyn which is named after two Poets who use to reside in Roslyn many years ago . We were also introduce to Gillis the owner who of course was a complete gentlemen and hosted us the next evening at one of his other restaurants which was Toku Modern Asian. The food was amazing and of course we had a great time. We finished the night off by going to a third restaurant of Gillis's called Cipollini Tratatoria for a nightcap and my favorite now pine nut cookies. This restaurant also located in the glamorous Americana shopping center. Even though it was located in this beautiful shopping center you felt like you were in Florida dining at an outside oceanside restaurant. The flow the decor and the weather that evening could have completely contributed to my feeling but overall what an amazing time we had not to mention the pine nut cookies that was a gift from Gillis which I regret leaving while packing to return to Florida. I would highly recommend visiting these restaurants even for the most seasoned world traveler and diner and of course the shopping is not bad either. :) Oh yes, don't forget to try the pine nut cookies. Thank you Gillis!!

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