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The first thing that comes to mind is being a great LISTENER. A lot a agents do not listen to their customers. Especially, when it comes to purchasing a new home. This is probably the number one complaint from Buyers. Put yourself in their position, here you are about to make one of the most expensive purchases in your life, whether it is a first time home, vacation home or investment. The customer needs an agent that is in tune with their needs as they expressed and hopefully not just trying to sell them for a quick commission. This is such a disservice to any customer. As an agent this is one of the most important qualities to have.

Next is being a EXPERT in your MARKET. Knowledge is Power! This actually is one of the main Keys to any realtor's success in this industry. Understanding how the market works and how it is reacting in any climate. Being able to articulate this to your customer and potential customers puts them at an advantage when buying or selling their property and allows them to feel a sense of comfort and confidence with you as a professional.

HONESTY and having INTEGRITY is something every Realtor should practice on a daily basis. If their is something you do not know it is better to merely state that, you will have to check on whatever it may be and get back to the customer. It is better than blurting out an answer that you are not 100% sure of. Because it will definitely come back and bight you in the rear. Do not and I repeat do not make promises you can not keep or you will possibly end up paying for it in the end one way or another.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS is being able to articulate your added value to the customer. What are you bringing to the table by way skill set, marketing, team of resources, concierge services, negotiating skills, track record, domestic and global reach. All in all a customer wants an Experience when they list their home with you. Or Purchase a home with you. Top notch Diamond Key Service.

NEGOTIATING SKILLS Negotiating is a skill and a mindset it is not emotional whatsoever, especially when it comes to Real Estate. Whether you are selling or purchasing a property for your customer you must educate them on price vs value and Market conditions and work your way backwards as far as numbers are concerned, do the work!

PURCHASE PROCESS Know your CONTRACTS inside out. In essence timeline of events from contract to closing. Deadlines, escrow, inspections, documents, financing, rescission period, amendments, addendum all are part of the contract with deadlines.

ACCOUNTABILITY Always be accountable for your actions. Return phone calls,
E-mails and or text. Speak to your customer once a week in reference their property. This is why they hired you to be responsible and professional enough to get the job done with everything above. Are you a Professional?

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